Single-Nucleus RNA Sequencing (SNS)

Neuronal subtypes and diversity revealed by single-nucleus RNA sequencing of the human brain.

Lake BB*, Ai R*, Kaeser GE*, Salathia NS*, Yung YC, Liu R, Wildberg A, Gao D, Fung HL, Chen S, Vjayaraghavan R, Wong J, Chen A, Sheng X, Kaper F, Shen R, Ronaghi M, Fang JB, Wang W, Chun J, Zhang K.  (2016).  

(Published in Science).


As part of the Single Cell Analysis Program, we are using SNS to profile the individual transcriptomes of neurons across the human cortex in order to characterize diversity and heterogeneity underlying normal functionalities.  Currently we have published 3083 data sets over 6 cortical regions:

  • Prefrontal cortex - BA10
  • Frontal cortex (eye fields) - BA8
  • Auditory cortex (speech) - BA21
  • Auditory cortex (Wernicke's area) - BA22
  • Auditory cortex - BA41/42
  • Visual cortex - BA17


  • Study protocols are available here.


  • Raw data has been deposited in dbGAP and can be accessed through the SCAP-T data portal.
  • Annotated data is available for download here.