01/07/2020 - Single-cell multi-omics analysis was named the Method of the Year by Nature Method.





11/25/2019 - UC San Diego Bioengineering Department Makes Strong Showing in List of Highly Cited Researchers Around the World.

10/14/2019 - Song's SNARE-seq paper came out online at Nature Biotechnology. [A commentary by La Manno]

7/01/2019 - As part of the NIDDK Kidney Precision Medicine Project, an initial draft of human kidney single-cell atlas was published on Nature Communications.




12/26/2018 - Yan's SWNE paper was published as a cover article on [Cell Systems], and the peer-review process ended up being a positive examples.

11/02/2018 - The Zhang Lab received major NIH awards for single-cell mapping of human organs [UCSD JSOE].




12/11/2017 - Our recent work by Blue, Song and Brandon on a newer version of single-cell human brain map was published on Nature Biotechnology. [UCSD JSOE]

10/24/2017 - Eric's work on ultra-accurate single-cell genome sequencing was published on PNAS. [UCSD JSOE]

03/06/17 - Shicheng & Dinh's work on methylation haplotyping of normal tissues and cancers was on Nature Genetics. [UCSD JSOE, Global NewsSingtao Daily, UK Daily Mail, Hindustan Times, Medical Research, NBC, VOA, GenomeWeb, San Diego CW6, Newsweek, UK Independent,WebMD].



06/23/16 - Our work on human brain single-nucleus transcriptome sequencing was published on Science. [GenomeWeb; The Scientist; SD Union Tribune].

02/04/16 - Brandon's THS-seq method was published on Genome Biology.


08/24/14 -  Noi & Dinh's review on DNA methylation analysis appeared on Nature Review Genetics.

08/01/14 - The Zhang, Huang and Bafna groups won a R01 grant under the NHGRI Advanced DNA Sequencing Technology program to develop a next-generation single-cell sequencing technology





03/29/09 - Ida's paper on targeted methylation analysis of stem cells appeared on Nature Biotechnology. It is highlighted inNBT,NMeth, GenomeWeb.


10/07/08 - The Zhang lab was awarded a technology development grant from the NIH Human Microbiome Project.

09/30/08 - The Zhang lab received a NIH RoadMap grant to study epigenetic reprogramming in stem cells.

09/09/08 - Dr. "Ida" Jie Deng received a CIRM-UCSD Post-doctoral Fellowship for stem cell research.


12/03/07 - Prof. Zhang was profiled as one of the Rising Young Investigators by Genome Technology.

10/14/07 - A method for targeted exonome resequencing was published online at Nature Methods.