Single Human Neuron Expression Data



Normalized expression data (transcripts per million or TPM) is provided for 4039 data sets deposited in dbGaP (accession phs000833.v4.p1) as part of a study to characterize neuronal diversity across six distinct cerebral cortical regions of a single individual [1].  After filtering low mapping outliers and potential doublets [1], 3083 annotated single nuclei data sets were classified into distinct excitatory (Ex1-Ex8) and inhibitory (In1-In8) neuronal subtypes.  We provide TPM values derived from both exon and intron reads (Lake-2016_Gene_TPM.dat ), as well as TPM values derived from only exon reads (Lake-2016_Exon_TPM.dat).  Associated with each TPM file is an annotation file for the 3083 single nuclei described [1] including the TPM file sample name, associated subtype, Brodmann Area (BA) origin and designated dbGaP sample name.   Raw data and additional information for each sample is available from dbGaP.



Use provided annotation files to generate a subset containing only the 3083 quality filtered data sets for subsequent analyses.  Exclude genes starting with “MT- ” which represent mitochondrial transcripts that may have randomly associated with the nuclear membrane. 


Provided Files:







1. Lake, B.B. et al. Science 352, 1586-1590 (2016). 10.1126/science.aaf1204


Full Data Availability:

dbGaP (accession phs000833.v4.p1);